I had an interest in building and fixing computers when my mother had a computer over 20 years ago that cost her almost $2,000. She needed it serviced, and took it to a local store that charged her almost $300 to fix it.  The issues persisted so she had someone else look at it.  Come to find out it was just the lithium battery that needed to be replaced and had to reset the bios with the right time and then everything worked like a charm. It was hard seeing my mother shell out money that she really did not have. Therefore, although I worked at Chrysler at the time, I found that they offered free computer repair courses, troubleshooting, and I signed up.  

I started my Computer venture in 2000 for fun until I started to really get good at my craft. Once I knew I was ready to work on other peoples computers I started to work on my families and friends computers for free to get experience. Back then, there were no YouTube videos on how to do things… so there was a lot of trial and error and the computer tech books. I was encouraged by friends and family telling me to make a living doing this I went ahead, made it official on November 15, 2011, and registered for my LLC to be considered a legit business in the state of Missouri. 

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