At CJB COMPUTER REPAIR, I am passionate about computers and dedicated to providing exceptional computer repair and troubleshooting services. My journey began over 20 years ago when a simple issue with my mother’s computer led to an eye-opening experience.

It all started when my mother’s computer, which had cost her a significant amount of money, began encountering problems. Seeking a solution, she took it to a local store that charged her a hefty sum of almost $300 for repairs. However, the issues persisted even after the supposed fix, leaving her frustrated and out of pocket. There was no warranty and would have to pay again.


One-time service


$99 flat rate with 1 month warranty per Device

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$129 flat rate with 1 month warranty per Device

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Honest & Fair!

Chris is an excellent computer tech. He is the fairest person I have seen out there. He is passionate on the work he does and does not like screwing people. He has seen too many people getting screwed when going places to get there computers fixed and to have one built for them. If I were you, I would definitely take your chances on his awesome ability, honesty and fairness.


One of the most honest generous people I know . Chris came to my rescue when my computer was crashing at 2am. Beyond knowledge when it comes to computers!!!! My computer was up and running in no time and way faster !!!!! Highly recommend his service !!!!